Why Should Shopify Stores Personalize? 

They say you can find nearly anything you could ever want to know somewhere on the internet. The same may be said of the always growing internet shopping industry. But in order to generate the most traffic and sell the most goods, many Shopify merchants may find it beneficial to personalize their sites. 

This article will touch on how Shopify stores operate, and the benefits they can experience from store personalization. 

What is Shopify? 

Shopify is merely a branded e-commerce platform. The website hosts many different markets for many different things that include: 

  • Physical products
  • Digital products
  • Services and consultations
  • Memberships
  • Ticketed experiences
  • Classes and lessons
  • Rentals

Adding a personalized touch to any of the sort of market sites above has the potential to be a marketing win for both the merchants and the customers. 

How Does Personalization Work? 

If you’re a Shopify merchant selling guitar lessons, for example, a visitor to your page may not only see advertisements for your awesome guitar school, but they may also see recommendations for amplifiers, books, tuners, or strings you may either use for the class you teach, or that you recommend. That’s personalization; sections showing related objects to the one being sold, or what other people who purchased the same thing might have purchased as well. 

Benefits of Shopify Personalization 

Personalizing your Spotify shop has a number of benefits attached to the practice. Let’s continue on with the guitar lessons example, and see what they are. 

  • Personalization increases shopper loyalty – The more tailored a shop can be to a user’s need, the more likely they are to come back. If you’re the best guitar teacher around and make quality recommendations regarding things like equipment, you are the one to whom the shopper will go in order to get what they need. 
  • Personalization offers an opportunity to sell more than what you offer – If your main selling point is guitar lessons but you also have a supply of quality strings, to sell the strings as well because you know the user may need them means more money to be made. And even if your main selling point are the lessons themselves, if you can work with a guitar string distributor to set up affiliate links, that will also equate to more money. 
  • Personalization can result in quicker sales times – Because you have the things you customer is looking for due to shop personalization, they won’t have to spend time browsing. They know right where the good stuff is, and it’s right there, with you. 

A Final Word 

Shop personalization is a very easy concept to grasp from a user perspective. Just as each person is different, every time a person logs on to an online shop, they want their experience to be unique. And if shopkeepers can implement personalization to show their customers not just the quality products they came in looking for originally, but also what other savvy shoppers like them bought, or what relates to the thing they need, not only will the shopper be satisfied, but the shop will also be set up for success.