Why Every School Should Have a Laser Cutter

Laser cutters used to be found only in industrial facilities. Now, these amazing machines are affordable enough that small businesses, hobbyists, and even educational organizations can afford to purchase them. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of investing in a high-quality laser cutter for a school shop.

Enhance Engineering Courses

At the end of the day, engineers and designers are also builders. Developing ideas on paper will only get students so far when it comes to understanding engineering concepts and how they can be put into practice. Having a laser cutting machine on-site allows students to take their ideas and turn them into physical realities.

Invigorate the Arts Curricula

Laser cutters are amazing tools for artists of all varieties, as well. They aren’t just useful for fabricating models out of wood or metal. CO2 lasers are versatile enough that they can also be used to produce complex patterns in a fashion and design class or even stage costumes for the drama troupe. The best part is, incorporating this technology into the classroom helps students learn both math and tactile skills in a creative environment.’

Create Architectural Models

Architecture students are often tasked with creating designs for homes, commercial structures, and even full communities, often using CAD programs. At more advanced levels, they learn how to bring those ideas to life by crafting architectural models. Today’s firms use high-tech machinery like laser cutters, so students can benefit from hands-on experience with that technology during their educational years.

Support Fundraising Events

While it’s true that purchasing a laser cutter requires a small initial investment, the school will be able to make a good return on that investment by finding smart ways to use the machine to enhance fundraising events. Students and their teachers can design and craft custom spirit wear and gifts to sell at sports events or in the community. School administrators can craft tiles for donor walls or plaques for sponsors. The possibilities for using a laser cutter as part of the school’s fundraising efforts are almost unlimited.

Create Teaching Aids

Having a laser cutter in the school shop lets educators in any field make their own teaching aids without having to learn the ins and outs of complex die-cutting and laminating processes or wasting countless hours creating everything by hand. Say a foreign language teacher has been using flashcards every year as part of her curricula. Instead of re-making the cards each year by hand or printing them off and laminating them, only to find they’re destroyed again by spring, the teacher can engrave the information on just about any material, from wood to acrylic, with ease.

The Bottom Line

Laser cutters are far more versatile and less expensive than similarly complex tools like 3D printers, and they’re just as deserving of a spot in any school’s shop. From K-12 public schools to trade schools and universities, laser cutters are being put to good use by students, teachers, administrators, and others in the educational community. Check out Boss Laser online and browse their product selection to find a machine that will be a good fit for the shop.