What Electric Motorcycle should I Buy?

We have been hearing for years that the future belongs to electric mobility and many people still think that it’s a matter of the time. Take a look at the current panorama of the electric motorcycle, because it is no longer the future, it is present.

More than 50 models, from brands with a solid foothold, now constitute the supply of electric motorcycles in the market, not counting unknown brands, offers of imported vehicles by new brands and other similar cases. Without leaving that catalog of recognized brands, you have everything from mopeds under €2,000 to authentic sports top-class performance of more than €30,000.

But as with all motorcycles on the market, not all of them are suitable for everyone. It depends on what you need, what you want, which ones are more suitable for you than others. If you want to start in the world of electric motorcycles, welcome.

Here we are going to focus on the more citizen models, those that are best adapted to 100% urban use. The urbanite does not leave the city but needs an agile and flexible daily transport, which allows to go from one place to another with comfort and efficiency, without having fixed points of departure or destination. So, let’s check some scooter models to consider for urban riding.

Which scooter to choose?

Torrot Muvi Executive (€4,809)

It’s not easy to choose between current electric scooters. Silence, with the new S01s, offers an interesting scooter, with a removable battery, homologated as a 125 cc. The Rieju Nuuk is original, attractive and different, but with no space to leave things.

The Torrot Muvi is a scooter that has been in our cities for years and that has proven its toughness in the “motosharing” service of Muving (owned by Torrot). In the City version it is economical, has moped approval and reaches 45 km/h for a range of 100 km in ECO mode. It equips removable batteries, 16 “wheels that give it greater stability, and connectivity with the mobile. In the Executive version it is almost like a 125 cc, faster (60 km/h), with the same autonomy and the same characteristics, only that you will need a validated B or A1 car license to carry it.

Super Soco CUx (€2,495)

Super Soco is an Asian factory that has burst onto the market. It was chosen to develop that commented electric scooter that a Chinese phone brand was going to make, but in the end they launched it on their own. It is equivalent to a 50 cc, it has removable batteries that you can charge in any socket, both placed on the scooter, and with this you do about 45 kilometers, enough for a day in the city. It is, without a doubt, an interesting option not to leave the city, given its price, similar to that of a 50 cc gasoline scooter.

Niu M + Sport (€2,599)

Niu is another of those new brands that were born with electric mobility. It is a modern and light scooter, with capacities similar to the Super Soco, which is also carried with a moped license. It includes removable batteries, rechargeable in any outlet in just over three hours, for a range of about 70 kilometers.

Yet, you choose a scooter or a motorcycle, choosing the right motorcycle helmet is not less important. You need to consider different types of helmets available in the market, also different innovative devices, such as different motorcycle intercom systems to increase the safety and decrease the distraction while riding.