What are the Types of HVAC Units?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and are essential units in your property. These units are available in different designs, and homeowners should consider several things to make a more informed decision. 

Choosing a suitable HVAC unit is integral for your wallet and comfort, and you should pick one that suits your home’s needs. Different HVAC units function for other spaces, and research will help you choose the best one. 

The recent technological development has led to the emergence of new units featuring the latest HVAC Software, and below, we discuss the different types of HVAC units. 

  1. Cooling and Heating Split Systems 

The heating and cooling heating systems are among the most common. As the name suggests, these units are divided into two distinct groups; one for cooling and the other for heating. These units are common because they feature outdoor and indoor units, making them easily recognizable. 

These HVAC units also feature an internal cooling system that uses refrigerant, coils, and compressors to clean the air; they also have a fan that eliminates cold air. Heating and cooling split systems are among the largest AC units and are put outside the house. 

Heating and cooling split systems are also incorporated with a heater mainly found in the base. These units use traditional thermostats to regulate temperature and can cool your property in extreme temperatures. These units mostly feature humidifiers and purifiers that keep your location comfortable.

  1. Hybrid Split System

The hybrid split system is the second most popular type of HVAC unit and almost resembles the split system. These systems are becoming increasingly common due to their low energy consumption, thanks to their electric hybrid system. 

Homeowners can easily decide how to regulate their home’s heat due to this unit’s ability to switch between various gas powers. These units are essential in areas with mild climates because the heat will suit extreme temperatures. 

The hybrid split system uses thermostats and traditional ducts to keep your interior temperature cool. 

  1. Duct Free

Duct-free or mini-split HVAC units are unique and require significant upfront costs. However, they have massive benefits for their users. These units are installed individually in all rooms, giving homeowners independent control. 

These units are put on walls, mainly for exterior compressors. They also have a costly installation process; you should contact the leading technicians for the best results. 

Duct-free units are ideal for new home additions like garages because they are easy to install. These HVAC units are also perfect for service businesses like hotels, as they help tenants to regulate individual conditions and temperatures. 

  1. Packed Heating

This system is stored in a house, and it heats and cools it. The packed heating and air unit have a compact size, which is essential for small houses or spaces.

Final Thoughts

HVAC units are significant investments, and you should consider several things before buying one to make the best decision. The above article has discussed the various types of HVAC units, and you can reach out for more.