Turning Your Workplace into Hi-Tech Place

Your workplace is your second home where your colleagues are no less than your family members. Office is also a place where you spend at least 25% of your time in a day. So the workplace has to be a place of productivity which must also be an enjoyable place. So the question is how an ordinary looking workplace can be turned into an enjoyable and productive space? The answer lies in tech i.e. bringing in the most needed and relevant gadgets. Here are some of the options to choose from which can actually achieve the desired goal. 

5 Best Gadgets Made Exclusively For Office Workspaces

  1. Elliptical Machine

Mostly office work requires the worker to sit in on his or her chair for several hours without taking a break. Such a routine could easily leave a person out-of-shape, unhealthy and bulky. However with the Elliptical Machine, the office worker can work and do some workout for ensuring fitness by putting in very less physical effort. 

This smart gadget is neither heavy nor huge but can easily be put under your office table. It has been developed keeping in view the ergonomic requirements and functions as a pedal exerciser similar to cycling. Although there are several devices of the kind, yet Cubii Seated Elliptical Machine is the best in the market. 

  1. Smart Recycle Bin

Recycle bins were unnoticeable in the offices and less exciting things at homes prior to the evolution taking over them as well. Thanks to evolution and technology, once a barely gazed upon object, has now become a matter of attraction. There is a huge line of smart recycle bins available in the market which come with several hi-tech features and variants. Top of the line is however the one produced and manufactured under the nametag of ‘TOWNEW T1’.

This unique recycle bin has features such as auto-sealing ability which can be activated by a gentle push of a button. Other smart features of this uniquely designed trash can include features of motion sensing and auto-change of trash bag. With its capability of motion sensing, the user does not need to physically touch the bin for opening and closing. 

  1. Adjustable Standing Desk

It is not easy to spend all your day in your workspace sitting. In fact, scientific research tells us that working while sitting and standing should be the norm in an office work environment. However, the issue was the need of table but that need has been eliminated with the inception of Adjustable Standing Desk. Although the concept is not unique yet it has come into limelight only one or two years ago. The credit for reincarnation of this concept goes to technology and evolution.

You can easily find them in the market or online but the Airlift’s designed adjustable standing desks are simply unmatched. They have sleek and spacious design while the adjustable feature comes in motorized button push system. One of the most extraordinary feature of this desk is the feature of ‘erase surface’. You can literally write anything on it and remove the writing easily. 

  1. Ergonomic Chair

Elliptic Machine makes a perfect duo with the Ergonomic Chair because they both fulfill the ergonomic requirements. One of the best Ergonomic Chairs you can easily find in the market are of Herman Miller Sayl. This particular ergonomic chair is specially designed to provide comfort in any angle. 

It is a perfect product for those individuals who spend several hours on daily basis in front of their computer screens without taking a break. While the design of this chair is futuristic and organic look finish. 

  1. Tree of Life Table Lamp

Now let us talk about the fifth and last gadget which definitely deserves a place in our workstations. This most deserving gadget is the Tree of Life table lamp. Do not mix it with other table lamps because it is nothing like them. It is technologically advanced and has loads of features in it. First of all, it has a very dazzling and attracting design. It has built-in features such as connectivity for portable headset and speakers. It also supplies power to chargeable devices like mobile phones, ear pods etc. It comes with the sleep mode option and has a touchpad system.