MilesWeb VPS Review 2022 Details Pricing Features Plans

VPS hosting is called Virtual Private Server hosting. With this, website owners and businesses get more beneficial functionality after migrating from the shared hosting platform.

Shared hosting is apt for small websites with low traffic. But, you need VPS hosting service: 

  • When you outgrow your shared hosting service
  • Want to host your eCommerce/high-traffic website
  • You require control over the server, like root access, custom configurations, monitoring and much more. 

A single server is divided into multiple virtual private servers in VPS hosting. Each server has its own share of dedicated resources that you don’t have to share with other users. Each server is isolated from other servers and functions as a regular server. VPS utilizes virtualization technology to deliver high performance to your website/application. 

Why Should Choose VPS Hosting? 

Most novices start with the basic shared hosting plan, and then after some time, they need more set of bandwidth and disk space for storage. VPS hosting is an ideal choice that gives you top-grade features, including security, adaptability, faster website speed. It is the best option for running your high-traffic websites/applications. 

There are no performance issues with VPS hosting, as the websites are on powerful SSD-based VPS servers. 

And on top of this, with managed VPS hosting, you get the best technical support from the host’s end. They handle the server for you. All the technical aspects of your website, server configuration, monitoring and security updates are taken care of by the web host you choose. 

MilesWeb is a high-performing web host that offers unmanaged VPS and fully managed VPS hosting powered by KVM technology. With the managed VPS hosting, they let you focus on your business. Rather than worrying about server-related tasks. 

MilesWeb also offers a reliable uptime of 99.99% to keep your websites online and functional round the clock on the net. 

Below you will get to know all the essential information about MilesWeb’s VPS hosting. VPS hosting plans, pricing and feature all points will be explained clearly. 

Pros of MilesWeb’s VPS Hosting

Here are the pros of MilesWeb’s VPS hosting service. 

  1. Choose Your Control Panel 

You can simplify all the administrative tasks with the control panel. MilesWeb allows you to choose from DirectAdmin, cPanel, or Webuzo control panel to perform all the website management tasks. 

  1. VPS hosting in Indian Server Location 

The VPS server location is a vital factor. MilesWeb offers Linux VPS hosting in India. The Indian server location is ideal for websites with their target audience in the Indian sub-continent. 

  1. SSL Certification

MilesWeb offers an SSL encryption certificate with the VPS hosting plans free of cost. An SSL certificate is highly essential to maintain the security of your website. 

Specifically, when information passes to and from the virtual private server, it is encrypted safely. Also, with an SSL certificate, the Search Engine Rankings of your website go to the top. 

  1. SSD Storage Drives 

The VPS hosting plans of MilesWeb let you host websites on servers that have built-in SSD drives. MilesWeb utilizes SSD technology with all servers to help you get the best VPS hosting performance. The SSD drives are highly robust and ideal for handling high-end websites/applications. 

  1. Guaranteed Resources

You get server resources that are committed to your website with VPS hosting. It gives you high power, low latency and high speed for your websites/applications. As you get guaranteed server resources, there are zero chances of fluctuations in the available resources. 

  1. KVM Virtualization Technology 

MilesWeb makes use of KVM virtualization technology in its Linux VPS servers. The KVM virtualization technology allows you to allocate resources. Thus no single user can utilize more than their allocated resources. 

  1. 100 Mbps Network 

You get a smooth functioning website/application with the advanced network of MilesWeb optimized for top-notch loading speed. The data transfer speed is up to 100 Mbps which can host your website with zero performance issues. 

Plans & Pricing 

MilesWeb brings to you the best fully managed VPS hosting plans. Also, there are good discounts for you. Their plans are all about quality-price balance. MilesWeb offers several tiered plans at affordable costs. 

Here, you can take a look at MilesWeb’s VPS hosting plans. 

To give a brief about their fully managed VPS hosting plans. There are ten plans for you. 

  • 2vCPU to 40 vCPU
  • RAM ranging from 2 to 128 GB RAM
  • 50 GB SSD Disk to 500 GB SSD Disk
  • 500 GB Bandwidth to 3000 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 Dedicated IP

Whether you are looking to build a high-performance site, MilesWeb’s websites can flex according to your needs. Choose a plan that best fits the requirements of your website/application. 

MilesWeb’s VPS hosting service empowers designers, developers, and system administrators to grow without any limits. 

Is MilesWeb’s Uptime Good?

See, website hosting means one main thing. The hosted website should be online and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Uptime tells you whether a hosting service is good or ordinary. In this matter, MilesWeb is ideal. They promise an uptime guarantee of 99.99% with its VPS hosting service. It is one of the highest uptime guarantees you get in the industry. MilesWeb does not only promise but also keeps it! 

Customer Service Available 24×7 

MilesWeb offers stellar customer support. They care for you and do not leave you in the hands of a bot. 

If you have any issue with your hosting, you can reach out to their support team via email & live chat. The knowledge base is helpful. You can find thousands of tutorials that can help troubleshoot the issue by yourself. When we say VPS, there are hundreds of VPS tutorials for you. 

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee? 

Yes, MilesWeb offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with its VPS hosting plans. Customer satisfaction is a priority for MilesWeb, and they take immense efforts to keep it. 

If they fail to meet your expectations, you can request a refund within 30 days of your initial purchase. 


If you are looking for a reliable VPS hosting provider in the market, MilesWeb is perfect for you! They offer all the best-in-class features at affordable prices to take your business to high level. 

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