Four Factors to Consider When Buying Warehouse Label Printers

Label printers are used in product labelling and identification. Also, they can also be used in product management and organisation. A lot of label printers are available on the market and there are endless possibilities. If you are not sure which TSC desktop warehouse label printer is best for your warehouse needs, the choices can be overwhelming. Every printer is packed with benefits and features. You must do your homework before you make a choice to ensure you can take advantage of the great features that some label printers have. These features include an LCD display, mobile printing, high-speed printing, internal memory, and automatic label cutter. When buying label printers for your warehouse, here are factors you should take into account:

The Size and the Lifespan of the Label

If you are looking for a particular label width, ensure the label printer you choose can print this size. Today, the most famous printers are capable of printing labels up to 104mm wide.

When it comes to the lifespan of the label, the printing method has a say in it. Printing methods can be direct thermal or thermal transfer. Read up to know the differences between these methods to know the technology that fits you depending on the durability of the label and the environments they will be exposed to. 

Printer Resolution

This is measured in Dots per Inch (DPI). If you will print labels for products displayed for retail purchase, you need labels with clear barcodes on them. Conventional 203 dpi printers are good for texts, codes, and numbers. If the labels are used only for barcodes or images with a low resolution, you can invest in a 203-dpi printer. 

High-resolution printers like 300 dpi or 600 dpi make it possible to squeeze more information into limited label space and enhance the scan ability of barcodes. However, they are more expensive than conventional 203 dpi barcode printers. 

The Size, Speed, and Volume of the Printer

Whether you invest in desktop, mobile, or industrial printers depends on the printing volume to be done every day and if it’s necessary to get a portable printer. Label printers vary in how much label output they can handle. If you are printing high volumes of labels, you must consider printing speed to avoid slowing down the production when the printer fails to keep up with your production requirement. 


When it comes to label printers, you should not consider only the initial purchase cost but also the yearly cost of supply replacements such as ink cartridges and ribbons. Also, you must consider the maintenance cost. Also, you must think about the cost associated with setting up the printer and staff training.