Find emails: why it’s important to find the exact address of the recipient and not to do mass emails blindly

Mailing services really dislike addresses of users who try to use the address for mass mailings. But it’s not that simple. If these mailings go to the target audience – then it’s okay. However, we should stipulate what in this case is the “target audience”. We’re not talking about those who are potentially interested in buying or interacting. We’re talking about those users who received the email and looked through it. Or at least the email you send ends up in the user’s mailbox. So, we are talking about the real addresses of users who are ready to interact or who already work with the company.

How to find the exact addresses and not to send emails blindly?

An interesting analysis of free and easy-to-follow ways to search for real email addresses of potential users is offered on by experts of Reply. Here they describe in detail the search options that are based on working with Google, Clearbit Connect, Name2Email Extension, and other services. It’s a good starting point for such searches. Described ways of finding addresses do not always guarantee to get accurate information. But in any case, it is better to base the mailing list on the exact data available. The higher the accuracy of the email addresses, the better the reputation of the address from which the mail is sent. And that raises its rating and opportunities for mailings.

The risk of getting blocked for a long time

Why it’s important to find the right address, rather than mailing to potential addresses? The answer is obvious – there is a high risk of getting spam-blocked by the mailing service. But what is the risk of getting blocked?

In the worst cases, it can be blocked for a long time. And if the email address is “flagged” as spam by other services, it will continue to be “hounded. In this case you will either change the email address or start the long process of restoring the address’s rating. And this is a month-long job.

Why else is it important to determine the exact address? Here it’s all about the resources used:

  • less time for data processing;
    • less time looking at returned emails from non-existent addresses;
    • less time spent on unproductive work.

And most importantly, interaction with colleagues should be based on the transparent principle of non-interference in personal life. If it is possible to communicate at the company’s official address, you should not use personal e-mail for business proposals. This is incorrect and will only lead to rejection.